First blog post for quite a while..! However, I just wanted to write a quick follow-up to the IIIF conference in Washington last week regarding UV-related developments.

Monday 21st

On Monday we had the UV half-day. This was very well attended and we decided to stay in the main auditorium rather than have a break-out session as the discussion was already flowing and was fairly general in scope.

I did a quick tour of the UV:

Tom Crane then ran through his slides (modified from UVCON):

Here are some of the questions that were raised in the following plenary session:

  • Can the UV work with elearning systems (mooc)
  • Modules for Drupal/Wordpress?
  • Mirador vs UV
  • Hierarchical display
  • Lazy loading for archival collections with thousands of images per folder (and within hierarchical/EAD structure)
  • Video as annotation of an image
  • Accessibility
    • Transcripts would help - UV could read it to you
    • WCAG compliance
  • How to fund the community sprint

When asked how many intend to implement IIIF AV, approx 2/3 raised their hands. There appears to be a lot of enthusiasm for this!

Tuesday 22nd

On Tuesday I held a workshop in the hackspace about how to build web components with stencil.js People from the British Library, Princeton University Library, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and Saint Louis University Library attended.

We walked through some of the Stencil documentation and I demonstrated the composition of iiif-explorer We had a wide-ranging conversation - too much to do justice here! It made me think about how to create a demo of multiple web components on a single page working together. Really exciting to see interest growing around the use of web components.

Wednesday 23rd

On Wednesday I was “3D lunch” leader (no flat foods allowed). Many came to this including representatives from the Smithsonian, Sketchfab, Stanford, Toronto, and others. We only had about an hour so barely scratched the surface - but I think it was extremely useful as an initial “getting to know you”. I talked a little bit about the issues I’ve run into with initial orientation of 3D objects across viewers, and how I generate the test 3D manifests with biiif.

Thursday 24th

On Thursday I got to work on making the multi-web-component demo I was thinking about on Tuesday. Here is the outcome of that:

I demoed this in the Software Developers meeting later that afternoon.

Friday 25th

On Friday we had the 3D community group meeting. Again, very well attended. Here is the agenda + notes:

I think the RTI example went down especially well, and lead to some follow-up enquiries. Many thanks to Xavier Aure for his help creating this!